Mash 125 Scrambler by Baak Motorcycles

5 Jan
Mash 125 Scrambler 2
Mash Motorcycles is a small French motorcycle brand that focusses on small sized and affordable motorcycles with a retro look. The brand was launched almost four years ago, offering a pretty cool line with all kinds of retro variations on each ... Read more »

BMW R80 Scrambler by Roli + Paul

29 Dec
BMW R 80 Scrambler 1986 OS4
Last week I featured a bike that was the result of some good old brotherhood; two friends who share a lifetime passion for motorcycles that decided to create a custom bike together. That brotherhood is the same glue that Roland “Roli” ... Read more »

“The Woodsman” by Blood Brothers Inc.

23 Dec
Triumph T100 Scrambler
If I speak for myself, motorcycling is not just about riding bikes, enjoying the freedom and making fun. It’s more: it’s also about brotherhood. And the story behind custom shop Blood Brothers Inc. is all about brotherhood. Biker ride together, talk about ... Read more »

Suzuki GSX-R Scrambler?

13 Dec
Suzukig GSX-R Scrambler 2
If I say GSX-R or Gixxer I bet you don’t think of dirt roads and off road riding. But Motor più Garage from Italy changes that by turning a Gixxer into some kind of scrambler. Photo’s edited by Inazuma ... Read more »

BMW R65 Scrambler by Meat and Grease

11 Oct
About a year ago I’ve stumbled upon a custom motorcycle from Meat and Grease. A small workshop in Belgium owned by two IT guys who needed some time off the desk. So they’ve decided to start building motorcycles next to their ... Read more »