• By Published On: April 13, 2021

    A Photographers Eye Usually, photographers are people who manage to capture images in ways many of us can’t. At BikeBrewers we have many photographer friends, and it is safe to say that the majority of them are true artists. It never did come to our minds that photographers could have other […]

  • By Published On: April 9, 2021

    Mad Max meets The Walking Dead There is something really interesting about post-apocalyptic science fiction stories, both written and on TV. Trying to imagine how a distorted future would look like, has fueled many conversations. 40 years ago, it was Mad Max that started the rat bikes movement, and it appears […]

  • By Published On: March 11, 2021

    Dakar Legend In the past 5 years we have only covered builds that were based on a Yamaha XT. Far too little if you ask us. It is one of Yamaha’s biggest success stories and an absolute Paris-Dakar legend. Yamaha introduced the first XT, the XT500, in 1976 with a 500cc […]

  • By Published On: November 19, 2018

    A long time ago I worked for an American boss. When I stopped drinking coffee he asked me: “why?” I replied I thought coffee made me aggressive. He laughed out loud and told me I might as well start drinking coffee again. “Man, you were BORN aggressive!” he said. This is probably […]

  • By Published On: August 16, 2018

    Two weeks ago we’ve posted this cool little Suzuki by Toma Customs from Brussels (Belgium) and we already got a new submission from them. This time they took a Yamaha XT600 as a base bike for a cool scrambler. Words by Thomas Jeukens, owner of Toma Customs: When we start a […]

  • By Published On: August 3, 2018

    About the workshop TOMA is a Brussels-based custom workshop. We transform, customize and hand finish motorcycles to create unique and personalized machines. Our artistic approach strives to extract the best potential of each bike and match the vision of their future owner’s. We aim to create unique, one-of-a-kind machines, with a […]

  • By Published On: July 2, 2018

    Industrial Moto’s first build was a 250 Suzuki cafe racer. It was purchased locally in Virginia by a guy who had never ridden a motorcycle before. Since that time he has completed a motorcycle trip across Vietnam and put many miles on his Suzuki closer to home. When he decided it […]

  • By Published On: January 16, 2018

    There is more than Fabergé eggs in Moscow Not very much is known about the Russian cafe racer scene, but sometimes little gems unexpectedly pop to the surface. In the heart of Moscow, there is a “small atelier” as they call themselves, who work under the name “Z17 customs”. They are […]

  • By Published On: January 13, 2018

    About a year ago we got a very cool bike in our inbox built by Chris Tope; a laidback bratstyle based on a Honda CB200 twin. This cool little machine made it to our Top 10 Shed Builds of 2017. It was no surprise that Chris continued with his new passion […]

  • By Published On: January 12, 2018

    As promised in the beginning of 2017, we’ve reserved more space for shed builds. Of course, we L-O-V-E all those professional builds, but we also think that individual builders deserve a spot to highlight their work. For the occasion, we’ve made a list of the 10 best shed builds we’ve found […]

  • By Published On: January 10, 2018

    Candy Motorcycle Laboratory is a small, 2-person motorcycle workshop based in Japan. And they have a very special focus on the Yamaha SR400. A bike we don’t see that often here in Europe, let alone that it’s been used as a basis for a custom project. But not in Japan, Candy […]

  • By Published On: January 9, 2018

    Yes! You’re right! Better late than never! This is the list of the 21 best custom motorcycles of 2017! Last year we did a voting based on the stats of popular bikes that year but this time we kept things much simpler. So no hard data, voting system, social statistics, or fancy […]

  • By Published On: December 18, 2017

    The small and agile BMW G310 is one of those bikes that has written “FUN” all over it. But the problem is that you really can’t tell if you take a look at the original machine; a lot of plastics and a bit of a bulky design. When the bike was […]

  • By Published On: December 6, 2017

    The Yamaha Virago is one of the most popular base bikes for custom projects and there are some really beautiful and unique projects out there (check out my Top 10 here). There are some builders out there who simply nailed it with their own interpretation of the Virago. And designs like […]

  • By Published On: December 1, 2017

    The apple does not fall far from the tree We recently came across 29-year-old Anton Knutsson From Sweden on Instagram. This being his primary communication channel for the bikes he produces under his company name ‘Injustice Customs’. The bike that caught our attention was quite a stunner and within the hour […]