Top 10 Ducati Cafe Racers

21 Feb
A Ducati Cafe Racer is probably one of the most desirable custom motorcycles. A combination of the exclusive Italian brand with a strong heritage and the classic looks of a vintage racer. The last few years, Ducati aims to be part ... Read more »

Motorcycle Tool Kit – What To Pack?

17 Feb
Motorcycle Tool Kit
If you think Gremlins are just a fury story from a Spielberg movie, think again. They’re real and they live inside your bike, just waiting to pounce at the least opportune moment. A compact motorcycle tool kit is not something you ... Read more »

How to True a Motorcycle Wheel

12 Feb
how to true a motorcycle wheel
  In this article, I’ll try to explain how to true a motorcycle wheel. Got the spokes in place? Great! Not there yet? Read this article how to lace a motorcycle wheel. For some it may be dark art which ... Read more »

MotoGadget M-Unit Wiring

2 Jan
motogadget m-unit wiring
Motorcycle wiring can be a real pain in the ass, especially when you’re not familiar with wiring and electronics (just like me!). If you want to simplify the wiring of your bike (and your life!) then MotoGadget has a great ... Read more »

Low Budget Cafe Racer – Guide

23 Sep
With this post I’ll try to inspire cafe racer enthusiast to start working on their own Low Budget Cafe Racer. Café racers come in a lot of different setups and prices, from bikes under $1000 and even up to $60,000 (like the CX500 ... Read more »

Motorcycle Tools: What Do You Need?

4 Jul
motorcycle tools
Guest post by Matt McLeod of Krank Engineering. Also check out my article about what you should pack in a small motorcycle tool kit. Motorcycling is an amazing pastime. Maybe it’s your favorite motorsport. Or maybe you just ride a motorcycle ... Read more »