“The Nightcrawler” Honda CL500 with MOTOISM Plug&Play CL500 kit

In 2024 the Honda CL500 draws from 60 years of history. The first scrambler rolled off the assembly line in 1962, the CL72. This is the model that Dave Ekins and Bill Robertson Jr. rode down the Baja Peninsula in Mexico, setting the stage for the famous Baja 1000 rally that officially first took place in 1967. Since then, the engine volume has increased to 450cc’s in the mid 70’s before a 50 year hiatus in the CL production line occurred. Now the CL is back! In 2023 the Honda CL500 was introduced to the public as the fifth model around the 471cc twin engine. With similarities to the Rebel 500, it distinguishes itself from its popular brother by a more upright riding position, a high exhaust, larger cast aluminium wheels (17”/19”) and longer suspension travel. It puts out 34kW and 43.3Nm on a little under 200kg. 

(Image by Honda)

Overall a reliable bike that we expect from Honda, aimed to accommodate the people who do not feel at home on the cruiser, racer, adventure, or naked model that precede the Scrambler. Honda does offer an optional travel package, adventure package, and style package.  We think it could be a little more daring in design. This is where the MOTOISM team in Munich comes in. They too saw the potential. 

Enter the Nightcrawler

When faced with the Honda CL500, its latent potential beckoned to them. Teaming up with Honda Germany, they embarked on a mission to harness this potential, birthing ‘The Nightcrawler’—a manifestation of untapped attitude. The goal was to breathe life into the motorcycle, unveiling a spirited essence it concealed from the outset. This transformative shift was achieved through five meticulously curated elements that are now sold as a plug&play kit, facilitating a rapid metamorphosis of your CL500 within mere hours. 

The kit includes a lamp mask, fork covers with built-in LED indicators, a tail tidy with light assembly and license plate holder that really clean up the rear end, and a shorter front fender to give it a sportier look. The kit is available from the MOTOISM directly

In the case of this particular CL500, their dedication reached new heights. Alongside the development and integration of their Plug&Play CL500 kit, they sought the artistic touch of Andy Werner for a tailor-made graphic design. The enhancements encompassed the installation of an Arrow exhaust, mirrors, and tires, complemented by CeraKoted components, including the levers. The outcome? A bike that exudes a distinct customized aesthetic, yet demands less effort to replicate compared to a traditional custom build. This plug-and-play ethos, defining both their bikes and their parts, is a cornerstone of MOTOISM—a philosophy they’ve championed in the past and remain steadfastly committed to in the future. 

(All photos provided by MOTOISM except where noted)

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