• By Published On: April 2, 2023

    Moto Adonis, the Netherlands-based custom bike workshop, has done it again with their latest build, the BMW 416 R100RS. The team transformed a stock bike into a visually stunning and great-riding custom machine, featuring a Carbonschwarz metallic 416 color, gold double striping, a GSXR front fork, Motogadget system, high-quality Renthal bars, and much more. The attention to detail and use of high-quality parts make this build a true Moto Adonis masterpiece. Check out the full article to see more of Moto Adonis' expert craftsmanship and how they turned another customer's dream bike into a reality.

  • By Published On: October 26, 2022

    We have become accustomed to the motorcycles that leave the workshop of Unikat. The Warsaw Poland based outfit have their own unique take on a number of different motorcycles. That’s why their motto is: “1-of-1”. As in, there is and will only be 1 model of each of their handcrafted machines. […]

  • By Published On: March 27, 2022

    Humble beginnings There are BMW boxers, and then there are BMW boxers. The difference? Well, here goes. Ever since BMW introduced their famous boxer twin configuration back in the 1920’s, they kind of had a reputation of being a bit…dull. That was until they started kicking the competition’s butts in the […]

  • By Published On: July 16, 2018

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin “There’s something brewing in the State of Denmark” Our Viking friends from up North are part of a lively custom community. We got to know the protagonist of this story when he recently launched ‘Aarhus Classic Riders’. With over two hundred members from day one they […]

  • By Published On: March 21, 2018

    As proud “Dutchmen” it’s always cool to publish a cool story and pictures of a bike that comes from our home ground. And with an ever-growing custom motorcycle scene, the established workshops keep on delivering top-notch work. Regular readers already know that we have some really great pro builders here like […]

  • By Published On: February 13, 2018

    I really love digital media. It has made life so much easier in many ways. Yes, I am aware of all its downsides too, but let’s stay on the positive side. Finding inspiring builds and creative builders has never been so simple. Just browse Facebook, Twitter, and all other available channels and you […]

  • By Published On: November 29, 2017

    Yeah, that’s right: there is no such thing as a BMW R168. But this creation right here deserves its own model number. This piece of art is built by the guys from Kacerwagen from Spain, maybe you remember them from the radical Aprilia RSV1000 Cafe Racer I’ve featured back in April this year. This […]

  • By Published On: November 8, 2017

    Back in September, I got in touch with Bolt Motor Co. from Valencia in Spain. They amazed me with this beautiful, redefined version of the Honda CB750. Today they’ve amazed me again with this awesome BMR R100RS Scrambler. The last time I saw a BMW R-series like this, was back in […]

  • By Published On: July 10, 2017

    With the ever growing scene of custom motorcycles, I’m proud of everything that’s “Made in Holland”. I keep in close contact with all builders like Arjan from Ironwood Customs, Wido of Wimoto, Daan of Moto Adonis and of course the Wrench Kings. Last weekend I’ve paid a visit to the last one. […]

  • By Published On: May 31, 2017

    Delivering one high-quality custom motorcycle nearly every single month requires a lot of things. You need to have the right skills, know the right people and have the right friends. Jose Rosell a.k.a. XTR Pepo has it all, and he keeps delivering awesome rides. This is his last one. It’s based on […]

  • By Published On: February 28, 2017

    Back in 2009, Sven Decoux turned his love for motorcycles into a company called SD Motors. His main activities where buying, fixing and selling bikes. Next to this he also started working on his first custom bike project and people around Sven started asking if he could build bikes for them. […]

  • By Published On: February 3, 2017

    When I was in Barcelona last year I visited Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles and met the owner Karles Vives. Great to have a look at his workshop and talk about custom bikes. Since his shop was full with ongoing projects I asked if he ever has time to ride these machines. His answer […]

  • By Published On: November 30, 2016

    Since day one I’m a big fan of Jose Rosell’s (a.k.a. “Pepo”) work. Usually Pepo focusses on Ducati’s, but this time he took a ’92 BMW R100R as a base bike for another awesome creation. His goal was to build a real classic racer, stuffed with only the best parts and […]

  • By Published On: September 19, 2016

    The BMW R100GS is an evolution of the legendary R80GS and is likely one of the most toughest bikes from the 80’s. But in the custom scene it still goes strong. This R100GS Scrambler is called “The Elegant Escape” and is built by Officine Sbrannetti from Italy. The name is a direct […]

  • By Published On: September 12, 2016

    Since the guys from Diamond Atelier started in the summer of 2013, every single creation is simply spot on. We’ve featured some of their builds here and we see them back on some toplists we’ve published. Their third build, the “DA#3” literally melted down the web. Just like this one, it’s based […]

  • By Published On: August 22, 2016

    This bike is build by David Wildman and his team at National Custom Tech Motorcycles from the Alps in Austria. While their name may be unfamiliar, NCT has an impressive range of builds from various brands. Tough, their love for the Bavarian R-series stands out. Their company tagline hits a sweet […]