BMW R100R “Don Luis” by XTR Pepo

30 Nov
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R100R XTR Don Luis 2

Since day one I’m a big fan of Jose Rosell’s (a.k.a. “Pepo”) work. Usually Pepo focusses on Ducati’s, but this time he took a ’92 BMW R100R as a base bike for another awesome creation. His goal was to build a real classic racer, stuffed with only the best parts and modifications.

Let me start with the bodywork. Pepo has built several machines and I think we can see a little pattern in it, let’s call it “Pepo’s touch”: low handlebars, unique bodywork and an upswept rear end. All parts are custom-made or customized. The fuel tank is from a Moto Guzzi and the seat/rear combo is a modified Yamaha TZ component. The classic fairing is custom-made out of carbon fibre.

R100R XTR Don Luis mg_2095 mg_2107

The stock frame is reinforced and a custom subframe is welded to fit the new rear. On the front we see a complete re-use of a Ducati Sports Classic with Tomaselli clip ons, custom brake calipers and Discacciati disks combined with a radial brake pump of this same brand. The brake fluid runs to kevlar lines by Frentubo. To match the upgraded front, a Ohlins shock is used at the rear.

mg_2090 mg_2062

The engine is relocated a bit higher for more ground clearance, since the heart of this machine also had some serious upgrades: lighter crankcase, worked heads, lighter high-compression pistons, racing cam shaft, new oil sump, external oil filter and a Ducati Paso oil radiator. For more air, the machine got 40mm Keihin FCR carbs with DNA filters. Fast engine response is delivered by a Tomaselli quick throttle. The sounds of this beauty get their finishing touch by a Supermario 2 in 1 exhaust system with megaphone muffler.

The electronic system is upgraded with a LIPO battery, Silent Hetkit electronic front crankshaft ignition with 16 mappings, a new electronic regulator, twin coils and twin spark heads. Some high-tech gadgets are the Motogadget dashboard, Domino start button, Vicma LED’s and Leonelli switches. 

XTR Pepo

You can find the full list of mods and parts here.

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