“DA#7” another BMW R100R Cafe Racer by Diamond Atelier

12 Sep
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Since the guys from Diamond Atelier started in the summer of 2013, every single creation is simply spot on. We’ve featured some of their builds here and we see them back on some toplists we’ve published. Their third build, the “DA#3” literally melted down the web. Just like this one, it’s based on a BMW R100R and is already their 7th bike.

A full story about the project can be found on Pipeburn.


r100r-cafe-racer-by-diamond-atelier-2 r100r-cafe-racer-by-diamond-atelier-3 r100r-cafe-racer-by-diamond-atelier-4 r100r-cafe-racer-by-diamond-atelier-5 r100r-cafe-racer-by-diamond-atelier-6 r100r-cafe-racer-by-diamond-atelier-7 r100r-cafe-racer-by-diamond-atelier-8 r100r-cafe-racer-by-diamond-atelier-9

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