Suzuki GS550 “SUE” by Bikeporn Inc.

30 Jan
Suzuki GS550 by Bikeporn 9
NCT Motorcycles from Austria is becoming one of those “well-known builders” and they keep producing very cool custom motorcycles. In our photo contest for “best custom of 2016”, they even had 2 bikes in the Top 10. Their latest machine, ... Read more »

Suzuki GSX-R Scrambler?

13 Dec
Suzukig GSX-R Scrambler 2
If I say GSX-R or Gixxer I bet you don’t think of dirt roads and off road riding. But Motor più Garage from Italy changes that by turning a Gixxer into some kind of scrambler. Photo’s edited by Inazuma ... Read more »

Suzuki SV650 Café Racer

21 Dec
Suzuki SV650 Café Racer 2
My first bike was a 2007 Suzuki SV650s, I really loved the engine of this torqy 2 cylinder which gave the bike a huge fun factor. But there where a lot of things I did not like: It had an awful ... Read more »