• By Published On: January 31, 2024

    “Tricolore” is the latest creation of XTR PEPO, where Pepo Rosell builds extreme customs! The Tricolore, is a Ducati-based bike, clad in the three colors of the Italian flag as a tribute to the first Ducati 851 Tricolore. A 'from the ground up' build, an exquisite collection of high performance, heavily modified or home-made components.

  • By Published On: December 9, 2022

    A Special Story It is common for us to write about a motorcycle with a special story, and in a way, they are all very personal. Still, this might be the most special motorcycle we have covered to date. This is a story about a man that does not compromise. Controversial […]

  • By Published On: April 5, 2022

    Beautiful Monster When Ducati first launched the venerable Monster 900 back in 1993, it set the world on fire! I remember seeing it for the first time on a television program, and being blown away by the raw and ‘monstrous’ look the Bologna manufacturer managed to give to one of their […]

  • By Published On: November 2, 2021

    The Ducati Panthah Let’s first rewind to the year 1976. When Ducati’s 350 cc and 500 cc parallel twins could hardly be called a marketing success, their fabulous engineer Fabio Taglioni set tout to develop a replacement. The Pantah 500 originates from the last of the GP500 racers of 1973. The […]

  • By Published On: April 29, 2021

    Exotic Machines Ducati’s are known for building some of the world’s most aesthetically pleasing and high-performance motorcycles. The comparison with Italian car manufacturers such as Ferrari is easily made. Due to their racing heritage, the engineers at Ducati know exactly what it takes to make a race winning machine. All that […]

  • By Published On: October 10, 2018

    When you think the Ducati Monster 1200R is extreme, then take a look at the latest creation by our friend XTR Pepo. He took brand new 1200R and created a distinctive XTR-version out of it. Nice! This one is, by a good tradition of XTR, named “Il Padrino”. Ducati Monster 1200R […]

  • By Published On: April 23, 2018

    The Dutch custom motorcycle scene is growing and growing. On every event, you see new faces and new builders. This machine here is from a new talent in town and goes by the name of Timmer Motorcycles, owned by Maarten Timmer. Maarten has a degree in industrial design and works as […]

  • By Published On: March 6, 2018

    Every time when I receive an email from Pepo Rosell, a.k.a. XTR Pepo, I’m a bit excited. “What did he build this time?!” It’s always a surprise because Pepo does not work between the lines. Every single machine that leaves his workshop has a unique look, though it’s pretty clear to […]

  • By Published On: February 6, 2018

    Just like the electric car, the electric motorcycle is becoming more and more common. We’ve featured several cool EV-projects that are close to production and more people see the benefits of the electric motorcycle. But an electric cafe racer? WTF? Of course, it was just a matter of time. But to […]

  • By Published On: January 9, 2018

    Yes! You’re right! Better late than never! This is the list of the 21 best custom motorcycles of 2017! Last year we did a voting based on the stats of popular bikes that year but this time we kept things much simpler. So no hard data, voting system, social statistics, or fancy […]

  • By Published On: October 3, 2017

    Since the introduction of the Ducati Scrambler, we’ve all seen that this was a really cool platform for building custom motorcycles. The past two years I’ve featured dozens of them. The meant-to-be-hipster-bike Ducati Scrambler (no I don’t turn the names around like the marketers intended to), is a cool bike from […]

  • By Published On: September 19, 2017

    The Ducati 750SS is one of those machines with a long history. For most Ducatisti’s it’s a desirable machine, for others, it’s an expensive machine, hard to ride and probably a little less value for money than you may expect (at that time). Whatever “they” say, it sure has something magic. […]

  • By Published On: August 30, 2017

    At the Southern end of New Zealand which is a stone throw from the snow-capped Southern Alps sits a small city called Christchurch. It’s home to some stunning scenery and a guy called Lee Cavalier who likes to transform good solid bikes into cafe racers. Until 2007, Lee wasn’t the typical […]

  • By Published On: June 23, 2017

    From day one the Ducati Scrambler was on the market, it was clear that Ducati aimed at an audience that would like to customize their motorcycles with their own style. With a wide variety of base models and a huge list of aftermarket parts, the Ducati is easy to personalize/customize. (bearded) […]