Opening Pandora’s Box

19 Oct
Where the name “cafe racer” may refer to racing and speed, the most builds we see are not able to compete with modern day +200hp machines. But what if you take one of the most powerful modern street bikes and turn ... Read more »

2 Stroke Rocket from Ukraine

30 Sep
Do yo remember this cool RD135 Café Racer? A real dapper 135cc 2 stroke machine. This little machine produced an impressive 18hp. But what if you take the engine of his bigger brother, the RD350, and redesign the engine to ... Read more »

Screaming Banshee Review – BWOAAP!!!

22 Sep
Screaming Banshee Review; a bad ass motorcycle horn! First of all: this post is in no way sponsored and we’re not affiliated to the manufacturer. It’s just a cool product that deserves some attention! Next to custom motorcycles, I like ... Read more »

BMW R100RS Classic Racer

22 Aug
BMW R100RS Classic Racer
This bike is build by David Wildman and his team at National Custom Tech Motorcycles from the Alps in Austria. While their name may be unfamiliar, NCT has an impressive range of builds from various brands. Tough, their love for ... Read more »