Suzuki DR650 Café Racer by Diamond Atelier

1 Dec
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Diamond Atelier is know for their clear vision on custom motorcycles and created some real masterpieces (like this BMW R100R we’ve featured earlier). Build number 5 (codename DA5) is based on a ’92 Suzuki DR650, which was the daily ride of co-founder Tom Konecny. The Suzuki DR650 is a real dirt bike and that makes it not the first pick as a café racer base bike. According to the brewers, the DR650 is a bit soul-less, but the big 650cc single cylinder engine has great potential in their eyes.

Suzuki DR650 Café Racer

So to begin they stripped the bike down because turning this bike into a DR650 Café Racer is something else!

Suzuki Café Racer 5

Because the guys from Diamond Atelier like things a bit different, they created a very unique headlight from a plate of steal with a tiny LED in the middle.

DR650 Café Racer 2

The main goals was to create a super slim and slick urban machine. The view from the top shows that they succeeded very well.

DR650 Café Racer

Suzuki Café Racer 2

Suzuki Café Racer 3

Suzuki Café Racer 4

Suzuki Café Racer

Suzuki DR650 Café Racer 2

Suzuki DR650 Café Racer 3

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