Suzuki GS1100 Brat

I usually complain about our six month riding season here in Holland, but when being snowed in every single year is a guarantee, it may be not so bad after all here. But when you’re not able to ride due to the weather, nice things can happen in the garage. The four friends of Ironcity Motorcycle Co, Mitja (fabricator), James (engineer), Brendan (a creative director) and Jon (mechanic) saw a great opportunity to hang out in these cold months and have a lot of fun together. They picked up an beaten up GS1100 to create their very own shed build.

This bike build was a much a hobby project as it was a chance for four good buddies, and their wives, to hang out.

You can read the full story behind this “cool” project on The Bike Shed.

Suzuki GS1100 Brat 14

Suzuki GS1100 Brat 9

Suzuki GS1100 Brat 8

Suzuki GS1100 Brat 10

Suzuki GS1100 Brat 5

Suzuki GS1100 Brat 4

Suzuki GS1100 Brat 3

Suzuki GS1100 Brat 2

Suzuki GS1100 Brat 1

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