Opening Pandora’s Box

19 Oct
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Where the name “cafe racer” may refer to racing and speed, the most builds we see are not able to compete with modern day +200hp machines. But what if you take one of the most powerful modern street bikes and turn it into a caferacerisch machine? Well, the best way to describe this: you’re opening Pandora’s box…

Nick Heer and Fabian Witzig from Young Guns Speedshop took a 2016 Ducati Monster 1200 R and where inspired by the legendary Ducati’s of the 70’s, like the 750 sport and 900ss. Mixing a high tech GP bike with the classic lines of the glory days. The result is a bike under 200kg with more than 160hp. This clarifies the title of this post.






ducati-monster-1200-custom-8 ducati-monster-1200-custom-7 ducati-monster-1200-custom-6 ducati-monster-1200-custom-5 ducati-monster-1200-custom-9


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