Honda CG150 Bratstyle by Buds Motorcycles

6 Nov
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Small displacement motorcycles gain in popularity in the custom motorcycle scene (check out this Honda CG125 and this Yamaha Scorpio). In some parts of the world they are simply used to ride cheap and efficient from point A to B. But Buds Motorcycles from Brazil wanted to build something special. The result is this cool and unique looking Honda CG150 Bratstyle:

CG150 Bratstyle

They’ve put some extra attention to the frame and created a custom rear to hold the cool custom upholstered bratstyle seat:

CB150 Custom CB150 Custom Honda CG150

The complete wiring is put in the frame, the relocated the battery and removed the stock air filter:

Honda CG150 CG150 Bratstyle 2

Our Brazilian/Portuguese readers, check out the complete story here.

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