Honda CG125 Cafe Racer

The Honda CG125 isn’t the most spectacular Honda out there. In fact, it’s a cheap and efficient machine with a simple purpose: transportation. Some may even call the Honda CG125 a moped. But despite the fact that this little fellow isn’t as fast as it’s bigger brothers, it’s still a fun machine. And that the small Honda CG’s are a pretty cool platform for custom bikes was already proven by bikes like this and this. So what do we have here? Well, it’s a custom project by one of our readers from Brazil, Carlos Costa.

The biggest challenge with a small base bike like this, is to get the proportions right. Most customized, small bikes tend to have a problem with the proportions. But Carlos seemed to hit a sweet spot: the wheels, gas tank and seat seem to fit perfectly together, giving the bike a mature cafe racer look.

As you may know, getting custom motorcycle parts into Brazil is a real hassle, so Carlos had to source parts from other bikes and had to use his own creativity. The gas tank comes from a ML125 (a bike made for the Brazilian market) and the seat and cowl are built by Carlos. The exhaust is also custom made and he used a Noriyoshi Racing muffler. Other hand-built parts include the small front fender and the side panels. Luckily, he managed to score some other parts like the Clubman handlebar, bar-end mirrors, gas cap, headlight, speedo with integrated control lights, LED blinkers, new rear shocks, and a 12v USB-charger.

He finished the bike with a new paint on the engine and frame with a cool, vintage looking red matte finish and details. Cool little bike!

Honda CG125 Cafe Racer 9 Honda CG125 Cafe Racer 8 Honda CG125 Cafe Racer 7 Honda CG125 Cafe Racer 6 Honda CG125 Cafe Racer 5 Honda CG125 Cafe Racer 4 Honda CG125 Cafe Racer 3 Honda CG125 Cafe Racer

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