Easy Cruiser: Suzuki GS550 by Kaspeed Moto

3 Nov
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To explain what riding a motorcycle is about to non-motorcyclists you get on a slippery slope. Ask a motorcyclist and chances are that there are many, many explanations. Some like speed and performance, some say it’s the freedom that they experience, others like being outside or feel “one with the machine”, while others find it a way of relaxing. For me it depends on what state I’m in and most of the times it’s a combination of a lot of things together. Of course I like speed, freedom and being outside. But after some years and thousands of miles covered I can say that’s not only about speed and performance. I can simply enjoy riding a motorcycle, taking B-routes, coming on places where you’ve never been, listening to the engine and exhaust sound and being a bit dapper. But next to riding I like looking at motorcycles, and if I can combine those, I’m a happy guy (that’s why I’ve bought the Guzzi V7 Racer earlier this year).

This machine is built by Kaspeed Moto from Germany, a project of a father and his 2 sons that have pure gasoline in their veins. This father, named Karsten Dressel, is the mastermind of Kaspeed and his two sons are both highly skilled professionals: one has a degree in mechanical engineering, the other is a technical modeller in the automotive industry.

Together they share the love for motorcycles and with their complete set of skills they can work on all sorts of aspects that are involved in building custom motorcycles like: 3D computer design, machine operation, custom engineering and servicing tasks. Their aim is to build unique, fascinating bikes that are affordable too.

This machine right here is their second creation together and combines beauty with a fantastic riding experience. It’s based on a Suzuki GS550. I don’t have to spend more words or lists of modifications here, it’s simpler than that. Just watch and take here out for a ride and you never have to ask yourself again what motorcycling is about…






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