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The Aprilia RSV1000R is a true beast with a powerful 998cc V-twin delivering a smashing 143hp and 107Nm of torque at around 10,000RPM (it’s a twin!) to move a weight just under 200kg. Such power comes with great responsibility and makes the “Mille” a serious track weapon. But it’s rarely used as a base for building a cafe racer, in fact, we don’t see custom Aprilia’s that much in general. But the guys from Kacerwagen from Spain saw this as a great challenge when a customer brought in his RSV1000 with a carte blanche to turn it into a cafe racer. The result is this awesome looking, elegant and sporty RSV1000 cafe racer.

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The most challenging part of this project was to create that classic cafe racer line and search for the right spots to keep all the electronics in place. In the stock model there’s plenty of room in the big fat plastic body. To find that perfect line they’ve worked their way around the bike with clay models. After finding the right design, they’ve transferred it into carbon fiber bodywork. The beautiful half fairing includes the much-needed RAM air to help the radiator cool this beast. Inside these custom milled air intake, they’ve fitted a bi-xenon light from VW. In order to trim down the somewhat bulky look of the stock bike, they also had to redesign the entire cooling system with even custom radiators.

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The battery has been replaced by a smaller Lithium model and has been relocated to the top of the subframe, just under the rear site, as well as the Motogadget M-unit which helped to reduce the electronic system. For the rear indicators they’ve used m-Blaze pins and in front m-Blaze discs. On the rear they’ve mounted a LED light.

Other customizations on the RSV1000 cafe racer include: Monza gas cap, 2 in 1 Leovince GP Pro exhaust, custom airbox with K&N filters, custom leather single seat on a custom subframe and Rizoma mirrors. To finish the design they’ve used the carbon “print” with a clear finish and used the same gold color of the front fork to highlight the wheels and subframe.

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