MotoGadget M-Unit Wiring

2 Jan

motogadget m-unit wiring

Motorcycle wiring can be a real pain in the ass, especially when you’re not familiar with wiring and electronics (just like me!). If you want to simplify the wiring of your bike (and your life!) then MotoGadget has a great solution: the MotoGadget M-Unit. This intelligent device functions as a new heart of your motorcycle wiring harness and works both for noobs (just like me) and for the pro’s and everybody in between. In this article I’ll give you some handouts for the MotoGadget M-Unit wiring.

If you don’t want to invest in the MotoGadget M-Unit and you just want an “as simple as possible” wiring harness for your motorcycle, then check out my other article: Café Racer Wiring.

MotoGadget M-Unit Overview

MotoGadget is a German company that focusses on motorcycle electronics. And like the most of the products “Made in Germany”, quality is one of the most important USP’s. The company has a track record for many years of developing high-quality products for motorcycles and their cornerstone is the MotoGadget M-Unit. The latest M-Unit is the V2 and works like a control box for switching all necessary components and has a complete fuse box integrated. The box itself has the size of a pack of cigarettes and is resistant to water, weather and vibrations. All switching operations are digitally controlled, without mechanical relays, which makes it completely “solid state”. The system works for both 6V and 12V system and all connections can be made with terminal blocks. In short the MotoGadget M-Unit will simplify and upgrade your motorcycle electronics. Next to controlling switches, the M-Unit has an integrated alarm signal and can work with cool gadgets (it is a gadget after all) like RFID tags for starting/unlocking the bike. I’m not going to sum up all features and advantages of the M-Unit, so if you want to learn more, check it out here.

Wiring the MotoGadget M-Unit

So, enough with the fluffy talk, let’s give you some handouts to get your M-Unit up and running! First it’s important to get familiar with the control unit itself. Here’s an overview of all inputs and outputs:MotoGadget M-Unit Overview

You don’t have to keep this overview with you all the time, since all text is actually on the M-Unit itself. The status of each circuit is shown by small red LED’s:

LED offinput not active, output not powered
LED oninput active, output powered – normal condition
Short flashingoutput shutdown due short-circuit or overload
Short flash each 2salarm system active

Below I’ve listed some standardized MotoGadget M-Unit wiring diagrams. There is a simple version and a version with the M-Button (a cool and original MotoGadget accessory that you place on your handlebar):

motogadget m-unit wiring diagram

motogadget m-button wiring diagram


MotoGadget Wiring - General Setup

MotoGadget Wiring - General Setup (2) MotoGadget Wiring - Honda CB750

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