Yamaha Fazer 250 Brat by Santa Customs

8 Feb
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Yamaha Fazer 250 Brat 5

Small sized motorcycles are very popular in Brazil and they’re usually meant to bring one from A to B in a cheap and efficient way, nothing more, nothing less. The Yamaha Fazer 250 (or YS 250) is a bike specifically built for the Brazilian market and is introduced back in 2005 as a direct competitor of the Honda CBX 250. The bike had an electronic fuel injection, which made it “more modern” over the Honda. In its stock trim the bike weighs around 150kg and the single cylinder puts out 20hp. Not that impressive, but in my opinion you don’t need a lot of power to have lots of fun.

But if you want to have fun, there are better options than the dull Fazer 250. It’s pretty ugly, stuffed with plastic and has no sex appeal. That’s exactly what Frank Silveira and Rafael Roecker from Santa Customs thought and they decided to turn the Fazer 250 into a bratstyle bike, with a cool classic look. They’ve built the bike for Brazilian singer Lucas Lucco and it’s only their first “official” creation. I must say that I’m pretty impressed, it even is a bit sexy!Yamaha Fazer 250 Brat Yamaha Fazer 250 Brat 8 Yamaha Fazer 250 Brat 6 Yamaha Fazer 250 Brat 10 Yamaha Fazer 250 Brat 11Yamaha Fazer 250 Brat 9

Dull vs. Cool:

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