“The Woodsman” by Blood Brothers Inc.

23 Dec

Triumph T100 Scrambler 2

If I speak for myself, motorcycling is not just about riding bikes, enjoying the freedom and making fun. It’s more: it’s also about brotherhood. And the story behind custom shop Blood Brothers Inc. is all about brotherhood. Biker ride together, talk about bikes together and make fun together. If you’re a motorcyclist, you’ll get the point. Of course you have some lone wolves on the road, but if they see another biker, that little small sign of regocnition is always there.

Steve Mummolo and his brother live by a simple philosophy: Motorcycle products built for adventure, designed by brothers on a journey of their own. This Triumph T100 Scrambler is their first official build and is built for a friend of them who realized something interesting. Read the story below!

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“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life…and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived,” wrote Henry David Thoreau. Our friend Marcus is living out his own version of these timeless words. A ground-floor employee of a successful tech startup, Marcus recently made the bold choice to put more focus on the essential. At the age of 34, he cashed out, bought a 400-year-old farm with his wife in Sweden, and retired from the rat race.

Triumph T100 Scrambler 6 Triumph T100 Scrambler 7

When Marcus asked us to build him a motorcycle, his story supplied all the inspiration we needed. “The Woodsman” is the first custom build by Blood Brothers Inc. A blend of grit and grace, this custom scrambler is built to handle the rigors of a working farm while preserving the iconic beauty the Bonneville is known for.

We began with a bone stock 2008 T100, stripped away all but the frame and engine and began to build. And we seized the opportunity to collaborate with and showcase our favorite bike shops and partners from around the world.

Triumph T100 Scrambler 8 Triumph T100 Scrambler 9 Triumph T100 Scrambler

Triumph T100 Scrambler Mods

Blood Brothers Inc. Custom Designs:

  • 3 Beam ¼” Aluminum Plate & Headlight Rig
  • Wiring alteration to accommodate headlight, tail light & signal array
  • Quick Release Leather Hatchet mount
  • Hand Lettered Low Mount Quick release .30 Cal Ammo Can
  • Hand crafted Aluminum Speedo mount
  • Side Cover Shaping & Screen installation

Partner Contributions:

  • TT Canyon Motorcycles: Custom Canyon Wheels & Hubs, featuring an 18” rear
  • British Customs: Pipes, Seat, Airbox removal, Carb Re-jet kit, Articulating Pegs, Wave Rotors, Sprocket & many cosmetic bits
  • Down & Out Cafe Racers: Fenders & Tail Light
  • Joker Machine: Mirror & Ignition Relocation
  • David @ Ca Cycles in San Jose: Matching Tank & Axe Paint
  • Biltwell Inc: 1” Moto Bars
  • Dime City Cycles: Grips & Speedo (KPH)
  • Best Made Co.: Straight Hold Hatchet
  • SW Moto: Crash Bars

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