Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube or subscribe to our newsletter.Kawasaki W650 Brat 3Last week I’ve featured this awesome custom Kawasaki W800 and I was complaining about the fact that the I only see a few Kawasaki W-series being customized. Call it a coincidence or just randomness, but today I’ve found another custom W. This time it’s a cool looking Kawasaki W650 Brat built by Kevils Speeds Shop from the UK.

Kawasaki W650 Brat 6Kawasaki W650 Brat 7

It’s numbered as “Moto#18” and the result of a plan to build more affordable custom bikes based on Japanese bikes. The base bike was sourced by one of their local dealers and only covered 10,000 miles the last 12 years.

They’ve wanted to give the bike a “California style” and a minimalistic look. The original sub frame was simply cut off to place a typical brat style seat. In order to relocate the wiring, air box and battery, a smaller box below the new custom box was fabricated, which also contains a MotoGadget M-Unit. The original gas tank is replaced with a smaller 70s model (Kawasaki KH100). The wheels, hubs and spokes are completely black with some classic Firestone rubber, which gives a cool contrast with the creamy frame.

The engine was soda-blasted and worn out parts got replaced. When the gas tank came back from the painter Kevil was not happy with the result and looked for “more vintage” in it. So he grabbed a scotch pad and simply started rubbing, which resulted in this cool “vintage platina”.

Kawasaki W650 Brat 10 Kawasaki W650 Brat 9 Kawasaki W650 Brat 8 Kawasaki W650 Brat 5 Kawasaki W650 Brat 4 Kawasaki W650 Brat 2Kawasaki W650 Brat



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