Indian Scout Jack Daniels Edition

22 Nov
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Custom Indian motorcycles are not featured that often here, so it was about time that a cool custom would pop up. About a year ago I’ve featured this beautiful Indian Scout by Roland Sands Design (listed #5 in our Top 10 Custom Motorcycles of 2015) and earlier this year this cool Indian Scout Boardtracker. This last one was a true masterpiece as a result of the Indian dealer build-off called “Project Scout“. The machine, built by Motos Illimitees, melted down the internet and was the obvious winner of this challenge.

The bike was an anniversary edition to tribute both the 115 year old heritage, as well as the 150th anniversary of Jack Daniels. They decided that it was time for another “Indian Scout Jack Daniels Edition”, but this time a “Black Label”:

indian-scout-jack-daniels-2 indian-scout-jack-daniels-3 indian-scout-jack-daniels-4 indian-scout-jack-daniels-5 indian-scout-jack-daniels-6 indian-scout-jack-daniels-7 indian-scout-jack-daniels-8 indian-scout-jack-daniels-9 indian-scout-jack-daniels-10 indian-scout-jack-daniels-11

And this is what it looked like back in the days:


3 thoughts on “Indian Scout Jack Daniels Edition

  1. With all due respect and admiration for Indian, both past and present, how can it be their 115th anniversary when they stopped making bikes in 1953 and years later the name wasn’t even used on any motorcycles?

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