Indian Scout Boardtracker

22 Jan
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Yes: I’m a huge fan of Indian motorcycles. Especially the really old (and rare) ones. But also the latest models can make my heart run a little faster. The custom Indian I’ve featured was the beautiful creation of Roland Sands, which also was number 5 in our top 10 custom motorcycles of 2015.

My grandfather owned several Scouts, some of them are still ridden by some members of the Dutch Veterans Motorcycle Club. So when I was talking with my uncle about the new models, I took a look at some custom models and it happens to be that Indian Motorcycles is running a contest for their dealers worldwide: “Project Scout“. A worldwide contest for the best custom, 2016 model Scout.

For me, this beautiful Indian Scout Boardtracker stood out:

Indian Scout Boardtracker Indian Scout Boardtracker 3

Indian Scout Boardtracker 2

The low handlebars, short rear, huge wheels and white tires are a tribute to the early Indian Scout Boardtracker:

Indian Scout Boardtracker 4

Voting is possible until February 19 on the website of Indian Motorcycles.

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