Husqvarna 401 Vitpilen Model Confirmed

28 Oct
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Oh yes! It’s official! Husqvarna confirmed the production models of the 401 Vitpilen and 401 Svartpilen concepts. Bikes that really melted down the internet earlier when Husqvarna revealed the concepts at the EICMA 2015.

Owner KTM didn’t gave an exact introduction date yet, but it confirmed that Husqvarna will debut the two models in 2017. No in depth details, but this is wat KTM AG stated in their investor report:

For 2017 the next step will be realized with the arrival of the first two VITPILEN production models.

A strong commitment to continuing the long tradition of progressive thinking and pioneering actions will be reflected as much in the creation of leading motorcycles, as it will in outstanding ways of identifying, satisfying and engaging with the rapidly- expanding customer base.

Pioneering will continue in every area of the Husqvarna Motorcycles brand. As a first step, the upcoming segment-redefining VITPILEN and SVARTPILEN production models will set Husqvarna Motorcycles on a blazing trajectory to become Europe’s third-largest motorcycle producer – with the aim of doing so by 2020.

Here are some pictures of the 401 Vitpilen concept:

husqvarna-401-vitpilen-1 husqvarna-401-vitpilen-2 husqvarna-401-vitpilen-3 husqvarna-401-vitpilen-4

And his “raw” brother, the 401 Swartpilen concept:

husqvarna-401-svartpilen-concept-01 husqvarna-401-svartpilen-concept-06 husqvarna-401-svartpilen-concept-07 husqvarna-401-svartpilen-concept-08

And a spy shot of the 401 Vitpilen in action:


The confirmation of the 401 Vitpilen sets the door wide open to it’s bigger brother, the already legendary Husqvarna 701 Vitpilen. And that is, very good news!

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