Honda CB250 Café Racer by Blackbean Motorcycles

6 Jan
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The Honda CB is and always will be a great base bike for a café racer. Especially the 4 cylinder bikes with the CB750 and CB550 being dominant. Pretty obvious, since these were real sales canons in the 70s, 80s and even 90s. But Honda also produced CB’s with a parallel twin cylinder like the CB500(t), CB400 and CB360. The small Honda CB250G, which you see below, was mainly produced for the European market and is only produced between 1974 and 1976. This little machine puts out 30hp and had a six-speed gearbox, which was pretty odd those days. Honda claimed it to be “one of the finest sport-touring motorcycles available”. 

The Honda CB250 Cafe Racer you see here is built by Blackbean Motorcycles, a German workshop in the heart of Munich. Honda CB250 Cafe Racer

Honda CB250 Cafe Racer 3

They picked one of the last models from 1976 and since the bike was pretty old, they started with a complete engine overhaul in order to get the desired performance of the lovely parallel twin. Just like the engine, the electrical system got and upgrade and was simplified. For a more aggressive riding position, they’ve lowered the front a bit and obviously place some clip-ons (with integrated blinkers). In the rear they’ve mounted a pair of new adjustable shocks.

Honda CB250 Cafe Racer 6

Honda CB250 Cafe Racer 4

In terms of style the vintage green is standing out beautiful next to the classic brown leather seat. The inner triangle is cleaned up to make some room for the two big K&N filters and give the bike the classic look-through. The battery is relocated below the engine and is almost invisible. The most remarkable item fur sure is the big bullet headlight. A piece not everybody will admire, but it give the bike a unique look.

Honda CB250 Cafe Racer 5

The short custom-made exhausts underline the compact size of the bike and amplify the amazing sound of the twin cylinder. The widely beloved Firestone tires finish the classic look. Hate it or love it…Honda CB250 Cafe Racer 2Honda CB250 Cafe Racer 7

Honda CB250 Cafe Racer Teaser Video

…I look forward to see more bikes from Munich!

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