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Ever thought of playing around in the dirt with a bulky 1200cc Harley? Why not?! Gasoline Motor Co. from Sydney, Australia, as you may already know, builds awesome motorcycles. Motorcycles that tell a story, as they say. And the story behind this bike is pretty unique. A certain day Franky came into the workshop with a clear vision in his mind: he wanted to pay his respects to a lost partner and best friend Angel. A beautiful Brindle American Staffordshire. For 15 years Angel was a shadow by Franky’s side, she accompanied him as he hunted all over Australia, canoed the Nimboida river for 7 days through rapids and floods, searched for schools of fish from the front of his boat and kept him company under his desk at “The Agency”. Over the course of this bike build, Gasoline Motor Co. channeled Angel’s adventurous spirit and fierce loyalty to create a custom Harley-Davidson 1200cc off road machine worthy of her name.

Harley-Davidson Scrambler 5

Franky’s brief for A-15 was something edgy, but aggressive, he wanted something that could handle anything you threw at it, on any terrain, in any weather. In the Gasoline Motor Co. workshop, this contemporary Harley-Davidson was transformed from a stock street machine into an all-terrain powerhouse and a nod to the boundless energy and spirit of Angel. It was engineered with a massive excess of performance power, made to match the stamina of a wild animal, with a growl that signifies just how serious it is.

Stripping it of any unnecessary bulk, raising the clearance, camouflaging the tank and making sure that every last inch of the build suited its intended purpose was all part of the plan, ending up with something that is barely recognizable as a street cruiser and more akin to an insanely powerful dirt bike. The rugged terrain tires are the epitome of Angel’s boundless ferocity – poised in a scrambling stance and ready to take off at the proper command or in this case: the slightest twist of the wrist. The brat style seat and matching grips were created from a weathered brown leather cut straight from a high-quality hide, making sure the ride is as comfortable as possible when racing over dirt roads to the next adventure. The tank and side panels are a major highlight and were hand painted in a unique camouflage pattern to match the outdoors theme and adorned with a hand cut stencil sprayed on by the Gasoline team as the finishing tribute to the eponymous pup.

Angel may have passed on, but her adventurous spirit and infectious energy live on in the A-15, a custom made a tribute to man’s best friend that will help Franky and his new little pal Chief discover new adventures for many years to come.

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