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With a daily job sitting behind a desk in the IT-business you can create a lot of cool stuff. But still: it’s behind a desk… These Belgian bike brewers wanted to do something more than just clicking their mice and ticking on their keyboards. So it all started with a passion for 2 M’s: Meat and Motorcycles. So to get more “greasy” they decided to start building custom motorcycles. Meat and Grease was born. So when building motorcycles, you can expect that they flame up their grill to enjoy some meat after a day in their workshop.

Their first build is this cool BMW scrambler, based on a R65RT. Mods:

  • Sandblasted & powdercoated frame
  • Sandblasted & powdercoated wheels
  • Sandblasted & painted gas tank
  • Biltwell Grips
  • Wrapped exhausts
  • Fresh fluids all over the bike
  • New rear shock
  • New subframe
  • Custom seat
  • Custom lights & indicators
  • New Heidenau tires

And most important: no sign of a CPU inside!

BMW R65RT Scrambler 4

BMW R65RT Scrambler 5

BMW R65RT Scrambler 6

BMW R65RT Scrambler

BMW R65RT Scrambler 3

BMW R65RT Scrambler 2

Here you can see where they came from:

BMW R65RT Scrambler 7

Looking forward to see more of them!

Check them out on:

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

PS. the bike is still for sale!

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About the Author: Ron Betist

Ron Betist grew up with motorcycles with a father heading the Amsterdam motorcycle police force. He has been riding (legally) for over 40 years and motorcycles are his true passion. With a life-long career in marketing and sales he has a huge international network. He joined as a contributor at BikeBrewers in 2017 to spread his word about bikes with the rest of the world.

One Comment

  1. braaap September 24, 2015 at 10:07 am - Reply

    I know them, I tried this bike and it’s a crazy toy for big boys.

    Fun to ride with those tires and the big bar makes it really easy to handle.

    The exhausts are playing a noisy but okay for the ears music.

    Even the police was looking at it with interest.

    It’s the kind of bike with a soul, the one you will never sell after you bought it.

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