Suzuki GN125 Street Tracker

27 Jan
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We don’t see a lot of small sized custom bikes around, last year we’ve featued one or two small engined Honda’s, but most builders choose larger 2 or 4 cylinder base bikes. But by accident I stumble on this cool Suzuki GN125 Street Tracker, built by a certain “Thomas” from France:

Suzuki GN 125 Street Tracker-18

Suzuki GN 125 Street Tracker-02

The Suzuki GN125 is a bike no one has ever heard about. Some references say that it was build from the late 80’s, but I only could find models from ’92 to ’02.

Suzuki GN 125 Street Tracker-01Our French builders girlfriend wanted to start riding, so he bought her a ’92 Suzuki GN125 for as little as €500. He stripped the bike and gave it a new paint job, cut off the rear end and started working on a custom seat. 
Suzuki GN 125 Street Tracker-10

Most of the original parts were rebuild or repainted. He lowered the front 10cm and placed 3cm higher rear shocks to get the bike more in line. The handlebar is from a Yamaha XJN600. The front tire is a Heidenau K60, in the rear there is a more aggressive Bridgestone TW40.

Suzuki GN 125 Street Tracker-12

Pod filters and an open exhaust were installed and the carbs are rejetted. Still, the small 125cc engine has only around 12hp. To give it a bit more “bite”, Thomas put on a bigger sprocket in the rear: “No warmachine, but still a lot of fun to ride!”

Suzuki GN 125 Street Tracker-15

Beautiful bike, certainly worth to share with you guys! It’s no surprise that this bike was not the first built of our French Thomas: check out this Yamaha SR500 Street Tracker.


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