A Jewel from the EICMA: Aero Racer EV Bike

15 Nov
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This machine right here is the “Aero Racer”, a concept bike from the Italian brand Aero Motorcycles. which is best described as: high tech, electrical urban sports bike. Or something like that… The motorcycle is based on a Tacita motorcycle, also a small Italian brand with a line of EV motorcycles. It’s not clear if this machine ever makes it to production, but on the EICMA there was a prototype to be seen:

inmoto Aero

Some facts/specs:

  • 27 kW power
  • 55 Nm of torque (EV, so right away!)
  • Ohlins TTX supsension (front + rear)
  • Radal Brembo caliper on a 320mm disc in front
  • 2 engine mappings
  • Engine braking system
  • …a lot of carbon and kevlar
  • …a lot of gadgets like integrated GoPro cam, smartphone app etc.

I got hold of some exclusive pictures, which you are free to share (a link is appreciated).

aero-racer-2 aero-racer-3 aero-racer-4 aero-racer-5 aero-racer-6


Aero Racer Image Gallery

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