Ducati Monster “Pata Negra” by XTR Pepo

8 Feb
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Ducati Monster 1000 by XTR Pepo

Unstoppable super-builder Jose “Pepo” Rosell delivers another radical machine based on a 2003 Ducati Monster. If you’ve seen Pepo’s other works, you can recognize his work in a split second. This bike is called “Pata Negra” and is a bike built for endurance racing and has written “performance” all over it. Pata Negra (which means “black hoof”) refers to the exclusive Spanish ham. Eating this ham is often called an experience for life, just as driving this bike.

Ducati Monster 1000 by XTR Pepo 2 Ducati Monster 1000 by XTR Pepo 3Ducati Monster 1000 by XTR Pepo 5

The bike has that typical “XTR look” and it has a long list of modifications. Let me highlight some mods for you. First of all there is that upswept custom rear end built on a custom subframe. In the front we see a recognizable half fairing. The  fork is from a Ducati S4RS with custom machined triple clamps and clip-ons. Stopping power is delivered by a PR19 master cylinder which control the massive radial Brembo monoblocs.Ducati Monster 1000 by XTR Pepo 4Ducati Monster 1000 by XTR Pepo 6

In terms of performance Pepo lists K&N open air filters, an anti-slippery clutch, a Domino quick throttle, an ultra light flywheel (Ergal), a Tamburini  race oil cooler, a Mycrotech programmable ECU, engine ported heads, compressed pistons and a Supermario 2 in 1 exhaust System with a custom megaphone muffler.
Ducati Monster 1000 by XTR Pepo 7 Ducati Monster 1000 by XTR Pepo 8

To handle the bike it also got a new Öhlins rear shock and Ducati Performance steering damper. The gas tank is from a Ducati 749 and provided with an endurance quick filling gas cap. All brackets and mudguards etc. are custom work of XTR Pepo. Again a real XTR Pepo built with all the parts on the right places. A full list of mods is below the pictures.Ducati Monster 1000 by XTR Pepo 9 Ducati Monster 1000 by XTR Pepo 10 Ducati Monster 1000 by XTR Pepo 11

List of modifications

  • Modified frame with a new rear subframe and custom seat
  • XTR triple clamps cnc machined
  • XTR CNC machined clip-ons
  • S4RS USD fork
  • Domino Quick open gas throttle
  • Discacciati radial PR19 brake pump
  • Discacciati radial PR16 clutch pump
  • Discacciati floating brake rotors
  • Frentubo brake lines
  • XTR  front mudguard
  • XTR front fairing TT2 type
  • XTR front bracket
  • Aviacompositi dashboard EVO
  • XTR led blinkers
  • Ducati 749 modified fuel tank
  • LIPO battery
  • Modified OEM swingarm
  • XTR rear mudguard
  • SP CNC machined footrest
  • XTR inox lisence plate support
  • Mointesa rear light
  • XTR endurance front lights
  • Ducati Performance steering damper
  • Ohlins rear shock
  • Engine ported heads
  • Compressed pistons
  • Ergal light flywheel
  • KN airfilters
  • Tamburini  race oil cooler
  • Mycrotech programmable ECU
  • SUPERMARIO 2 in 1 exhaust System with XTR megaphone
  • Antihooping clutch
  • Speedy moto ergal cnc machined pooley covers
  • ARTENRUTA painting

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