Ducati 916 Custom Café Fighter

11 Nov
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It’s not a typical café racer nor a street fighter, so Andreas Fougner from Eze Visuals called it a “Custom Café Fighter”. I think that is the name that comes closest to this superb design. It’s an aggressive looking naked bike, based on the legendary Ducati 916. Andreas is a professional 3D designer and he is specialized in creating very realistic vehicles for the gaming industry. He worked on games like Battlefield and Need for Speed.

In his freelance hours he uses his skills to create real like 3D models, just like this awesome clean design of the Ducati 916 Custum Café Fighter. He worked over 400(!) hours  on this project and the result is very impressive. It’s hard to tell that it’s only an imaginary bike.

Just watch & enjoy.

Hopefully a bike brewer is already working on a real model 😉

Ducati 916 Fighter

Ducati 916 Fighter rear

Ducati 916 Cafe Racer 2

Ducati 916 Cafe Racer

Ducati 916 streetfighter

Ducati 916 streetfighter 2

Ducati 916 Eze Visuals

Ducati 916 Eze Visuals 2

Ducati 916 custom cafe

Ducati 916 custom cafe 2

Ducati 916 Eze Visuals 4

Ducati 916 Eze Visuals 3

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