Spare Parts BMW Bobber

6 Dec
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BMW Bobber

Last week I’ve featured a “hidden gem around the corner”; the one-off BMW Cafe Racer built by Gerrit Tijssen. But when we visited his cozy workshop, my eye fell on a “side project” he called the BMW Bobber. When I asked him about it, he said: “Ahh, this was just an incomplete, far from original machine, so restoring would be a seriously expensive option. But I did have tons of spare parts, so I decided to create something out of the box”. Since most parts of the BMW R-series can be used across all different types, he started working on his BMW Bobber. The result is another great build from the hands of a lifetime BMW motorcycle enthusiast.

Just like his cafe racer, Gerrit was looking for something different (meaning: not mainstream). The bike was a mixture of an R60/5 frame and an R80/7 engine. There was no front at all and many parts from existing bikes are used and utilized.

Most challenging feature on this build was the placement of a DelOrto car carburetor, a part that he found in his own garage. In order to use this carburetor, Gerrit manufactured a custom manifold to fit it under the solo seat. In order to keep the design clean, Gerrit used a MotoGadget control unit and controls. You can see that Gerrit thinks over every little detail, resulting in another beautiful machine.
bmw-bobber-3 bmw-bobber-4 bmw-bobber-5 bmw-bobber-6 bmw-bobber-7 bmw-bobber-8 bmw-bobber-9 bmw-bobber-10 
bmw-bobber-12 BMW Bobber 2 bmw-cafe-racer-and-bobber

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