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You like it or you don’t like it, but I always like to see small-sized motorcycles being customized. Maybe this is because it makes me think of the early days when I rode mopeds and scooters. The guys from Frenchmonkeys Design are not afraid to work on these smaller machines and between a series of custom BMW’s they’ve put their hands on this Honda CG125 Boardtracker.

Owners of Frenchmonkeys Design, father and son Lionel and Florian, started their official business back in 2012 with the opening of their shop in Lyon, France. But they’ve been working on motorcycles all their lives. Their work is very popular and this is already their 17th project.

The bike you see here was in fact quite a time on if you take a look at the last picture of this CB125 I’ve featured earlier, you see a red Honda CG125, which is the actual base bike for this project. The stock CG125 is straight ugly, so they’ve stripped down the bike to the bare essentials, customized the frame, built a cool stretched gas tank and created a typical boardtracker handlebar. I can’t remember that Eviel Knievel rode boardtrackers, but that red/white/gold painting makes me think of him…

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