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As you maybe know; the custom motorcycle scene is growing and growing. There are tons of professional builders and a whole lot more yard builders around the globe (all, which I’m trying to display here ;)). But next to all these custom builds, motorcycle manufacturers are also answering on this huge trend with all kinds of custom look-a-likes, retro designs and ready to customize bikes (check out our top 5 here).

Honda revealed a bike during the Bangkok International Motor Show, which perfectly fits in this story; the Honda 300 TT Racer Concept.

Honda 300 TT Concept

The Honda 300 TT Racer is based around the same engine and chassis as the CBR300R and CB300F, the lightweight “beginner bikes” with a 286cc single cylinder engine. The Honda 300 TT Racer has a completely different look with a short rear end and a sporty single seat. It’s fuel tank is lower and flatter and the clip ons will put the rider in a forward leaning (café racerish) riding position.

Some power parts where fitted like a GP exhaust, USD fork, radial brakes, LED lights (look stolen from the Husqvarna 710 Vitpilen…) and random carbon fiber components.

Honda 300 TT Racer Concept 2

Honda 300 TT Racer Concept 11

Honda 300 TT Racer Concept 4

Honda 300 TT Concept 5

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Honda 300 TT Racer? Concept or Production?

Well, at the moment it looks like the 300 TT Racer is only a concept bike. Honda says it doesn’t have any plans for a production bike, but it sure show the way Honda is going with there models. The bike got a lot of attention, so hopefully the engineers at Honda will reconsider…

Image credits: Motosaigon

Honda 300 TT Racer Video

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