Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube or subscribe to our newsletter.E-Raw V2 by Essence Motorcycles 18While 100% electric vehicles are slowly adopted around the globe it’s only a matter of time before the EV-bike is embraced in our motorcycle culture.  The largest EV-bike manufacturer is probably ZERO motorcycles, but smaller initiatives are emerging. Take this awesome Aero Racer EV we saw on the EICMA last year. The topic of electric propulsion on two wheelers appears to be a bit more difficult and controversial. And of course, there’s nothing like the smell of gasoline and screaming exhaust, we can simply not ignore electric motorcycles. But what about the extreme amounts of torque EV-bikes produces from a stand still position? Tried it? You should! And no, it’s nothing compared to Tesla’s “ludicrous mode”. Getting launched on two wheels with the powerband of a rocket is way more exciting!E-Raw V2 by Essence Motorcycles 13The bike you see here is built by Essence Motorcycles, a French startup based in Lyon and is called the “Essence E-RAW V2 V3.1″.Design bureau Expemotion had a clear goal to change the paradigm of the EV-bike. In order to do that, they redefined the complete motorcycle experience and went back to the very beginning, “the essence of motorcycling”.

Using electric propulsion is a way to simplify the powertrain part, but they’ve also simplified the cycle part, based on fundamental mechanics. The tubular steel frame supports the powertrain and the plywood seat which imitates the iconic shape of the gas tank and underlines its absence. It’s clear that the four builders of this bike were inspired by classic bikes, café racers, scramblers and urban bikes, looking at the classic lines of the past.E-Raw V2 by Essence Motorcycles 3While EV-bikes may feel a bit different, this bike is quite different in terms of design. Of course, there is no gas tank but the E-RAW also doesn’t have a traditional seat; it looks more like a wooden swingarm inspired by IKEA’s Poang rocking chair (which is adjustable in various heights). The bike is not officially revealed, but next to some pictures we have some specs:

The electronic heart is a powerful 80kW machine (approx. 109hp) delivering an incredible 180Nm of torque. The total weight is 167kg and it will reach 100 km/h in only 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 155 km/h. The battery is fully charged in only 30 minutes and will reach up to 185 km.

At this stage, the E-RAW V2 V3.1 is only a prototype, but hopefully, it will get some traction (!) to get it to a production stage… and I’ll just have some anti slip on that seat when opening the throttle…E-Raw V2 by Essence Motorcycles E-Raw V2 by Essence Motorcycles 4 E-Raw V2 by Essence Motorcycles 14 E-Raw V2 by Essence Motorcycles 15 E-Raw V2 by Essence Motorcycles 8 E-Raw V2 by Essence Motorcycles 12 E-Raw V2 by Essence Motorcycles 9E-Raw V2 by Essence Motorcycles 7 E-Raw V2 by Essence Motorcycles 6

Essence E-RAW V2 V3.1 Video

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