CB750 Café Racer by Oficina MRS

16 Dec
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With the awesome creation they’ve showed in Paris some weeks ago (this awesome Kawasaki Vulcan S Café Racer), Oficina MRS got my attention. It was very clear to me that these guys take motorcycle customization very serious, so I took a peek in their portfolio and one bike stood out:

CB750 Café Racer by Oficina MRS

This is a 1996 Honda CB750. The CB750 is a beloved café racer base bike, but most of the times we see custom builds of the older models from the late 60’s or 70’s. It’s true that the older models have a more classic and robust look (no ugle bodywork, chunky wheels and a refined looking engine). But if you take a look at the specs, the later models are the most powerful and much more reliable.

CB750 Café Racer by Oficina MRS 7

Owner Mario of Oficina MRS only kept the frame and engine of this CB750 and everything else is custom. “With every modification we have an aim for increasing power and decreasing weight”.

CB750 Café Racer by Oficina MRS 6

For this CB750 Café Racer, Mario needed some serious “out of the box thinking”: together with a friend he created a gas tank and seat combo, made with a combination of carbon fibre and kevlar.

CB750 Café Racer by Oficina MRS 5

The set of 45mm Keihin CR carburetors, together with a custom made titanium exhaust from Asahina Racing increased the engine power, but needed some additional cooling of the oil inside this beast. To do this, Mario fitted an external Active ST13 oil cooler.

CB750 Café Racer by Oficina MRS 4

The suspension is a combination of a Showa 43/25 front fork and custom made Öhlins rear shocks.

CB750 Café Racer by Oficina MRS 3

For the wheels Mario used a set of Ducati hubs and Excel Takasago rims. The rear swing arm is replaced by a modified Kawasaki Zephyr 1100.

And that where just the most striking modifications. Just take a look at this awesome bike to see all modifications, big and small. Oh yes: I’m a fan!

CB750 Café Racer by Oficina MRS 2

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