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When you’re blogging about custom motorcycles like me, you’re always surfing the web for the latest builds, newest stories & the best pictures. Unfortunately, I’m not (yet) in the luxury that builders are standing in line to get their project featured on BikeBrewers (like Bike EXIF or Pipeburn). But looking at the stats I see a constant growth of readers, followers & subscribers and the first projects are already submitted & posted (thanks y’all!).

But when searching for new projects, I also see a lot of great projects from the past and I decided to (re)post some of the greatest projects from the past years in a new item called “blast from the past”. Simply because they’re worth the share. I kick off with this amazing Triton built in 2009.


Triton 2

For the n00bs: a Triton motorcycle is a mix between a Triumph and a Norton (from 60’s and 70’s bikes). This hybrid bike brought the two best elements together: Triumph had the best engines (the parallel twin) and Norton the best frames (the “Featherbed frame“).

Triton 5

This Triton is designed by Frank Charriaut and Vincent Prat form Southside MC, and built by violin builder (!) Daniel Delfour (all from France). The idea started at the 2008 Legend Of The Motorcycle event in California: on the show Daniel presented an amazing Norton “Ala’Verda” 850 there, and got many positive feedback. So the three friends where enthusiastic about a second project.

Triton 4

Since the designers had a passion for English motorcycles, the search for a base bike started there. They decided to go “Triton” and used the engine of a Triumph 750 and the legendary featherbed frame of Norton.
Triton 3

Frank and Vincent also share a passion for comic books, so to stay away from the known paths, they used this passion as an inspiration for the design. As they say: “We started designing a mix of Batman’s motorcycle with a T.Rex fastback and Cat Woman’s curves”. 

The T-rex claw featured for the rear of the bike:
CP Project One rear
They didn’t want to create the nummer XXX Triton and went way out of the box. Resulting in a lot of handcrafted parts, from fuel tank to levers and oil tank to rearsets.
Triton 6

Unfortunately, after this project (which is called “CP Project #1, by the way), the party stopped and this is the last creation we could find of them… A real blast of the past!

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