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The BMW R nine T is one of the most beautiful (and powerful) modern classic bikes out there. A real retro bike with the classic BMW air cooled boxer engine but full of modern technology. The model was introduced in 2014 and was a direct success and a full worthy add to the BMW Motorrad model selection. What you may not know, is that the concept of the BMW R nine T goes back in 2008: on the 2008 EICMA, BMW showed the world the “Lo Rider“:

BMW Lo Rider

The BMW Lo Rider was a study project and the model showed above never made it to the production phase, but it’s obvious that BMW used it for the R Nine T: Gold USD fork, spoked wheels, 2 tone color scheme, short rear with a single shock, upright riding position and that lovely boxer engine. The 1170cc powerhouse puts out an pretty 110hp and an impressive 119Nm of torque. The 222kg seems a bit bulky, but riding the R nine T is never feels that way: it’s very nimble and easy to handle.

Modern Cafe Racer - BMW R nineT

With the introduction of the R nineT, BMW also introduced a massive list of (bolt on) accessories to personalize the bike, following the trend of Triumph with their vintage bike selection. Cool for the “average” motorcycle enthusiast, but not for the real custom bike builders.

Traditionally, the vintage BMW R-series are one of the favorite base bikes to turn into a one off build. But since the introduction of the “R9T”, both professional and shed builders embraced the retro BMW so we decided to make a top 9 (what’s in a name) of the best custom BMW R nine T’s to date:

The 9 Best Custom BMW R nine T’s

#9: Rizoma’s interpretation

BMW R NineT Rizoma 3

BMW Rizoma

If we say Rizoma, you probable see a big catalog with tons of motorcycle parts to personalize almost any motorcycle. So maybe not a complete fit for this top 9, but Rizoma’s interpretation of the R nineT is worth the mention: clean, organized and classy. This bike is used to show what you can achieve with standard after market parts.

Rizoma | More pictures & info

#8: “Coffee Low Fat” by VTR Customs

BMW R NineT Custom by VTR

BMW VTR Customs

VTR Customs is a little crew of 3 BMW fanatics who live under the flag of Stucki 2Rad, a BMW Motorrad dealership. They love working on custom BMW’s and this is one of their interpretations of the BMW R9T. Their main goal with this project, was to make the R NineT a lot more “thin” and agile than the original bike.

VTR Customsmore picutres & info

#7: “2Shot” by Gasoline Motor Co.


BMW R nine T 2Shot

This BMW R nine T is built by Gasoline Motor Co. commissioned by Aussie Stuart, who was recovering from a motorcycle accident when he needed a new ride. Six weeks in a wheelchair gave him plenty of time to create the concept behind this bike. Since he knew the crew of Gasoline, it was a logical choice to head over them to build his dream bike.

Gasoline Motor Co. | More pictures & info

#6: “Clubman Racer” by 46Works

BMW R nineT custom 4

BMW 46works

This one by Shiro Nakajima from 46Works is a bit more edgy than the ones before. The builder had one word in mind: performance. To achieve this he focussed on weight reduction. Using some high end parts like an Ohlins USD fork, lighter yokes and Bito R&D Magtan wheels, the “Clubman Racer” is 30kg lighter than the stock model. This makes it a serious weapon on the track.

46Worksmore pictures & info

#5: “Scrambler” by JSK Moto Co.

BMW R nineT Scrambler

BMW R nine T Scrambler1

BMW has expanded the R nineT gamma with a stock scrambler, but before that, JSK Moto Co. made their own scrambler of the Bavarian knight. Built around a simple concept: “make a motorcycle that’s wildly fun through the streets and through dirt roads.” Well, they’ve nailed it with Scrambler that’s way and way better looking than the original.

JSK Moto More pictures & info

#4: “Shadowboxer” by K-Speed

Custom BMW R9T

K Speed BMW1

Powered by a dream to be the best custom bike builder in Thailand, owner “EAK” started with K-speed back in 2002. His “Shadowboxer”, based on the engine type and the dark color palette, make this R9T a perfect fit for the Dark Knight.

K-Speedmore pictures & info

#3: “DA#4” by Diamond Atelier

Custom BMW R nine T

R NineT Diamond Atelier

Diamond Atelier is one of those unicorns that suddenly are their and show amazing things. With only a handful of creations, the world seems to love their bikes. Images of their bikes pop up everywhere online and every single creation seems like a direct hit (we fell in love with their custom R100R ;)). Their love for BMW makes this custom BMW R nine T (called “DA#4”) a logic choice.

Diamond Ateliermore pictures & info

#2: “Bavarian Fistfighter” by Rough Crafts

best custom BMW R Nine T

Rough Crafts BMW

Our cover model is called the “Bavarian Fistfighter. The Taiwanese Rough Crafts made a tribute to the past, combined with modern technology. The tribute to the past are the iconic aluminum fuel tank inspired by the 70s and 80s boxers and the half fairing is inspired by the R90S The solo seat goes a bit further back in history and is inspired by the 50s. They’ve ditched the original spoked wheels and created their own BMW “snowflake” rims…

…you have to check out the complete story to get to know this awesome built.

Rough Craftsmore pictures & info

#1: Clutch Custom Motorcycles

BMW R NineT Clutch Custom (1)

Clutch Motorcycles BMW R NineT

Our #1 of this list is a matter of “less = more”. Clutch Motorcycles nailed it with their minimalistic approach. The simplicity, line, colors and used materials give this bike a classy look. The idea behind the bike was to create something “aggressive & chic”. There’s something about this bike we can’t really point, but that something makes this our #1 custom BMW R nine T. It doesn’t need any more words, just enjoy the look.

Clutch Custom Motorcyclesread more pictures & info


Liked our view on the best custom R nineT’s? Or did we missed one? Let us know, but remember: it’s all a matter of taste…

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