It all started in 1992, when BMW developed the R1100RS which developed 90hp and 95 Nm of torque. The engine was a 1085cc air-cooled boxer with a top speed of 218 kph for 239 kg. It was a half-faired naked machine which at that time was very aerodynamic.
As the years went by, BMW enhanced the bike by making it lighter, improving the boxer engine and aerodynamics.
In 2009, BMW launched the S1000RR ditching the boxer engine and replacing it with a 999cc inline-four configuration which had an output of 193 hp and a maximum torque of 112 Nm. The claimed top speed was 305 kph. The motorcycle featured a dry weight of 183 kg and it featured electronics like Race ABS, DTC, and a couple of rider aids.
Since then, the S1000RR has gotten lighter, faster, more powerful and loaded with the latest technology.
In 2014, BMW launched the naked version of this powerful superbike called the S1000R sharing the engine, gearbox, frame, suspension and fitting straight bars. Insane!
Six years later, BMW has revamped their roadster based on the 2021 S1000RR. Its lighter, faster thanks to its 165Hp and super high tech with its ABS Pro, Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), full LED lighting and much more.
Let’s talk about the engine. It’s the same inline 4 you will find in the S1000RR but with a slightly different configuration … a more linear outcome! It produces 165Hp available at 11.000rpm with a torque of 114Nm available at 9.250rpm. BMW has also modified the gearbox making the 4th, 5th and 6th speeds longer lowering consumption and the level of noise.
For the first time, they have also added the engine drag torque control (MSR) so that the back-wheel won’t skid when you are brutally accelerating or violently down shifting.
How about the frame and the swingarm? The frame called Flex Frame is completely new and is not as wide as before therefore giving the pilot a better position and more freedom to move around.
The suspended swingarm has been taken from the S 1000 RR and the spring strut with Full Floater Pro kinematics is now positioned considerably further from the swingarm and engine axle. This prevents the motor from overheating due to residual heat and ensures an even more stable temperature behavior and an even more constant damping response. In combination with the swingarm, which has its roots in motorsport, this results in increased grip and less tire wear.
Of course, the 2021 S1000R comes with the latest technology. Its equipped with DTC (dynamic traction control), ABS Pro that works when you are taking a curve and three driving maps: Rain, Road and Dynamic. The Dynamic Pro is an open map that you can adjust to your preferences with the MSR (engine drag torque control) and the DBC (Dynamic Braking Control) which will help you in case of an emergency braking.
Regarding the TFT screen, it comes with a 6.5 inches screen for better reading and more information.

The pilot can choose from different displays depending on the purpose. The Pure Driving display, for example, provides all the information needed for normal highway driving, while another center display show displays for lean angle, deceleration and traction control. A Bluetooth smartphone interface is already included as standard to enable app-based arrow navigation. The TFT screen is conveniently operated from the handlebar by means of the multi-controller. The optional M package provides a third center display with a display bar and lap timer.
The new S1000R uses state-of-the-art LED technology: new LED headlight with optimized low beam and high beam; newly designed LED turn indicators and taillights. The rear indicators have been adopted from the S 1000 RR and feature an integrated tail / brake light function. Safety in night driving is ensured by the adaptive turning light, which is a component of the Headlight Pro as a factory option. The driver benefits from better road lighting when cornering to make night driving even safer.
Let’s finish the review of the BMW S1000R by talking about its design which is more dynamic and remains faithful to its appearance “tail up – nose down”. Pure power with an aggressive look putting more weight on the front tire for better handling. It comes in different color schemes keeping the sporty and dynamic appearance.
I only have one question for BMW? When can we test ride in a closed circuit?

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