Ducati Desmofighter 2.0

25 Oct
This radical machine is built by our friends of NCT Motorcycles (you may remember their cool BMW R100RS Classic Racer) and is based on the legendary Ducati 996. It’s called “Desmofighter 2.0”. No details about the bike, so just some eye ... Read more »

Opening Pandora’s Box

19 Oct
Where the name “cafe racer” may refer to racing and speed, the most builds we see are not able to compete with modern day +200hp machines. But what if you take one of the most powerful modern street bikes and turn ... Read more »

BMW R65 Scrambler by Meat and Grease

11 Oct
About a year ago I’ve stumbled upon a custom motorcycle from Meat and Grease. A small workshop in Belgium owned by two IT guys who needed some time off the desk. So they’ve decided to start building motorcycles next to their ... Read more »

Bikes of the Month – September

1 Oct
A BMW from the Bavarian mountains, an undefined but complex engineered 3 cylinder 2-stroke from Ukraine, a Kawasaki Vulcan S from Germany and an out of the box Suzuki GS550 from Holland. Meet our best custom bikes of September 2016. ... Read more »